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••• I Hate The Rain •••

I hate the rain. I really do.

Ever notice how rain always ruins things? Picnics, weekends, Yankees games.

Rain sucks.

I was so pumped about tonight's game. I was ready to see Andy Pettitte go out there and dominate like he normally does in the postseason. I was ready to see us own the Angels at home. Or at least that was what I was hoping to see.

We've already waited a day since Game 5, now we have to wait another day until Game 6. I honestly don't know how I'll be able to wait until then. The anxiety is killing me!

It's moments like these that make me wish life was like a DVD where you can just skip to the next chapter. I really wanna know how this ALCS ends! I don't want to wait another day! This is too much!

This mysterious Penne that just showed up in my fridge is really delicious. Sorry, I digress.

So, now we wait another day. That means, if we go to Game 7, we'll probably face Lackey. It also means that if we win Game 7, we'll be playing Game 1 of the World Series after only a day's rest. Fantastic. I guess we better win Game 6.

I hate the fact that we had to wait a day before Game 5. What was the point of that? It's not like we've never played 3 games in a row before. Hello! It's baseball!

Now I'm wide awake, it's 3a.m. here in Dubai, and I have no baseball to watch. This sucks. At least if it were the regular season, I'd be able to turn over to a Mets game and laugh at them. But no one else is playing in the postseason. The Phillies are just resting up and waiting to see who they'll face.

Boy, those Phillies sure are lucky, aren't they? They've been resting since Wednesday or whenever. They'll go into the World Series fully rested, while whoever wins the ALCS (I'm not going to even say that we will. No jinx) will be exhausted. How is that even fair? I'd understand if the delay was just because neither AL team could win it in 5 games, but tonight's delay is because of the weather. That just sucks.

I think the Phillies should go ahead and start playing Game 1 of the World Series without the AL team. It's alright, they're an NL team, we'll catch up.

What's also pissing me off is that now I've lost my excuse to call into work sick tomorrow. Damn you, rain. Damn you to Hell.

Girardi has already announced that he's sticking with Andy Pettitte for tomorrow, but will this 24-hour delay make him second-guess the lineup he's set? I hope not. I, for one, am glad that he's stuck with our generic lineup. Yes, I'm even glad he's stuck with Nick Swisher. I have a gut feeling that Swisher's going to explode in Game 6. Or maybe my gut is telling me that he's going to implode? No. No. Explode. Definitely explode.

Oh crap, I'm Middle Eastern. Maybe I shouldn't be talking about things exploding on the internet. Oh sh*t, I just pointed it out that my blog might seem suspicious. Oh dung, why can't I just shut up? Oh poo. Homeland security is on my ass now probably. I better not get arrested before I see the end of the ALCS. Otherwise I'm gonna have to kick some ass, Bronx-style!

No, ladies and gentlemen, I am not high. I'm a little tipsy, but that's neither here nor there. I'm just bored. I'm wide awake, completely disappointed about the game being postponed, and I'm more than a little slap-happy.

Anyway, I should probably stop typing now. In conclusion: rain sucks.

Until we meet again, after Game 6 of the ALCS....

That's the BeeBz Effect. Can you feel it?


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