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••• Bitten by the TwitterBug •••

What is it about Twitter that is just so damn addictive?

Let's think about it for a second: it is a site with nothing but status updates. No real value is given to us by the creators of the site. It's seemingly an online community of e-stalkers, tracking each others every move through their updated statuses.

So why is it so popular?

I ask this question as I'm logged into Twitterriffic - a Twitter application for my MacBook that updates almost instantly as a new Tweet arrives. I'm currently following 160 people, reading their Tweets as they publish them. Does that make me an e-stalker? Possibly. However Twitter offers more than that.

While the creators of the site don't offer us any valuable information, they offer us something more important: a means to an end. Twitter is a place where we can freely express our thoughts with great ease.

Most people aren't Pulitzer Prize-Winning writers, and don't feel comfortable blogging. Enter: Twitter - a microblogging site.

If you want to express your thoughts and publish them to the world, but you don't feel like writing a long blog entry? Then Twitter is the site for you.

Twitter has become our number one news source, with people posting news stories as they happen. I found out about Michael Jackson's death on Twitter. I also followed the aftermath of the Iranian elections on Twitter. Until now, I follow news from the USA to China on Twitter. I also can follow my favorite celebrities on Twitter.

It's really become a part of my daily routine. I microblog everything I do now, and I read along as others do the same.

So give it a shot, I promise you'll get bitten by the TwitterBug too. Oh and, follow me on Twitter (just click on the link I have on the right side of my blog).

That's The BeeBz Effect. Can you feel it?
The BeeBz Effect | TNB